What Is MYSQL?

23 Sep

MySQLOne powerful piece of software stores names, email address, other contact information, website configurations, entire pages and more. It is the driving force behind popular platforms such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento and WordPress. That one piece of software that enables businesses to run their
websites is MySQL.

MYSQL Explained

MySQL is an open source database software. While it is open source, the copyright for its use is held by MySQL AB. This single for-profit company develops, maintains the database software itself, distributes upgrades, makes service contracts, and sells the rights to proprietary licenses of its database software.

A relationship database works by having any number of items, or tables, organized into a set of categories. When data is added, removed or changed, the database does so without having to reorganize the entire database to adjust for that one piece of data. This allows the server to spend less computing time on database management and more time on more important things, such as serving up information to your business’s customers.

It further allows you to specify what type of data belongs in each of your database’s fields. This means that you can make your database more user-friendly, secure from hackers, and save a number of hours of redundant work simply by having your tables defined properly at setup.

What Uses Does MySQL Have For Businesses?

The uses for MySQL can extend from managing customer information all the way to managing every piece of data that your business uses. It is a powerful enough software to handle massive amounts of data. MySQL also scales well, meaning that it can power very small databases just as well as it could handle those enormous ones.

The most common setup for this type of relationship database is to have it handle storing customer contact information. A table may contain a field for a customer’s name, phone number, address, payment information and shipping address. This type of setup could have thousands of entries, each one containing the same types of columns. This not only makes storing information easy, it makes organizing it without extra software bloat even easier.

The other benefits that MySQL holds for businesses is that it’s easy to use, secure and flexible. For developers, that means that thousands of hours can be saved on large projects. For support staff, that means that there’s no reason to sit there for hours debugging the database side of things for issues. For everyone involved with the database, that means there’s no need to spend extra time learning how this easy-to-use software works.

The best part is that for businesses, that results in less expenses on database maintenance and upgrading. That then means that your business funds can be invested elsewhere. That’s why the biggest websites like Craigslist and Yahoo! Finance use it, and that’s what makes MySQL a safe way to store your data.

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